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Hello and welcome to Puppetville!

Offering Handmade Puppets for All Ages


Here at Puppetville we believe that some of the greatest things in life come from having fun and using your imagination.


Puppets are fantastic for all ages, for use in schools, organizations, group play etc. There are no batteries required, no wires, and you don't need a  WIFI signal to enjoy puppets.


Our puppets are handmade with love. They are not mass produced by machines in another country. Every element that is included in our puppets are carefully sourced and tested for years of play and fun. After all, what fun is a toy that breaks when you use it? Some of the puppets I personally use, I have had for years and use for about 8 hours at a time.


We offer many styles from the most basic to professional grade puppets. Please take a look at some of the puppets that we have already created. If you see a puppet you like, let us know and we can make one for you or as a gift.


If your looking for a unique friend with something special that you don't see, please let us know and we can alter a previous design such as the color, or other detail. We can even custom design your fleecy friend for you. Almost anything can be created. We are only limited by our imagination.


Here at puppetville we have a great sense of humor and love to share our fun with others. Some of the fun we have had are:


Taking a puppet through a drive through and letting the puppet order the food/coffee while we duck down out of site.


Having the puppet waving out the passenger car window at neighborhood kids on their lawns and seeing them do a double take as a puppet drives by.


Recently, we brought several puppets to a restaurant and a thrift store and had fun with the patrons at each and the things in the store. See pictures on the Fleecy Fun Page!


All our residents at Puppetville really enjoy traveling and would be very happy if you brought them to your town to see where you live. Although they currently have nick-names; they'd all really enjoy to be your forever friend, come live with you and get their real name.
Soon we will be adding to the blog page with links and puppet making tips and tricks, so please stop by often.

Where is Puppetville? Puppetville can be found at the crossroads of Fun and Imagination


Our Motto? You are NEVER to old to play!

*9/28/2015 Blog Update*

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