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Welcome! Here you will get to learn about me, my husband Mark who supports my puppeting endeavors, my friend and assistant Jeff and My Quality Control Inspector Amos. You may see another guest or two here soon. Puppetville was born in 2009. It seems only yesterday that I was just begining to explore the techniques of making puppets similar to the ones I grew up admiring on T.v. The goal was to create puppets that were handmade, durable, customizable, and above all fun.


It all began with a young art student I was teaching and we decided to try creating something 3D instead of 2D one week. Little did I know after we made the puppet together, this shy student went to school the next day and with her puppet was able to go up to the principal of the school and talk to her. She became social with teachers and other students too. Using her handmade puppet she created stories and told them using the puppet.


This gave me a few great ideas. I loved the effect the puppet had with her sociability as did everyone else. It was also an important fact to me that puppets do not need batteries, have no wires, need no WiFi signal and encourage imaginative play.


I started researching puppet making and soon realized that with some practice and research, I too could create puppets for everyone to enjoy. This thought bridged the last gap: Everyone should be able to have a chance of owning a puppet as cool as the ones seen on T.v.


Since then, I have enbarked in an effort to make that a reality. Custom durable handmade puppets for all ages at reasonable prices and in a wide variety of styles and types.

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