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Custom styled puppets is where it starts to get really interesting. You've got the reins for the design. Now more than the face shape, skin color and theme, you will be able to decide what the finished puppet really looks like in all regards. We will work together to design a puppet any way you choose.  You can have a puppet version of someone. Send me a picture of them, and it can bear a strong resemblance. The hair will be cut, beards and mustaches shaped, and the theme can be a hobby or an interest or anything in between.


Materials will be resourced just for your puppet. Often times I'll correspond with you to make sure I get it just right. You will be offered options in how clothing and accessories are constructed, and will see progress pictures. Because of the time and effort (not to mention sometimes the shipping of materials) this category has a slightly higher price range.


Price: $60.00-$80.00

Examples are shown below

(Hover over image for details, click for full image)

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