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Deluxe puppets are the next step up after Standard. These are for people who just love puppets and want one that have a more developed personality/theme. These are some of my favorite to make. They have so much more detail and yet are still very affordable. Although sturdily build, the Deluxe style may not be the best option for young puppeteers as there are accessories that may pull off such as glasses and necklaces. A lot of time and love goes into creating just the right look for each one of these puppets.


Deluxe have custom fit clothing, accessories that are chosen to fit just right, and extra everything. Monsters have horns, wings, tails, extra details etc. More examples can be seen on the Fleecy Fun page. Many seen here have already been adopted, but please contact us if you see one your interested in and we can create yours simlary, or change to suit. Colors, and cloths vary with availability.


Price: $50.00-$60.00

Examples are shown below

(Hover over image for details, click for full image)

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