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Professional style is designed for the serious puppet lover in mind. Now you too can have a puppet with the quality and caliber of the puppets used on T.V. We will work together to build from the ground up a full sized puppet (unless desired otherwise). These often run larger due to their sculpted bodies. You can even add legs or other limbs if desired. Want a giraffe that runs the length of your arm? This can be done. Below are just a few examples. More can be seen on the Fleecy Fun page. Materials will be researched and ordered just for your puppet. Sewing patterns will be made not just for the puppet, but for any clothing or other accessories that they may have. Hand sewing, embroidery, bead and featherwork are just a few of the wonderful options available. They can wear shoes, have pose-able wings, wear jewelery, elaborate head gear or have multiple arms etc. You are limited only by your imagination.


Updates with pictures will be sent to you showing what materials are being used and the puppets progress. Because of materials sourced, shipping times and research, this style of puppet (depending on the design) cannot be ordered as a rush.


Price: $80.00+ (generally not exceeding $120.00)

Examples are shown below

(Hover over image for details, click for full image)


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